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Kurgo Auto Zip Line -Leash/Zip Line Combo

  • Use your zip line on a boat for safety at sea.
  • A zip line for your dogs to have the run of the back seat
  • A zip line for your dogs to ride safely in the car
  • A zip line for your dogs to ride safely in the storage compartment of your car
  • A zip line that attaches to the seat belts of your car
  • Hang your zip line from the interior handles for a set up that looks something like this.



Zip from place to place with Fido

It’s nice to be one of those lucky dog owners. The kind whose pup loves nothing more than to get in the car and go. But let’s be sensible, not every traveler is perfect and some can be pretty finicky. When it comes down to it, our sensible side also knows it’s best to keep Fido restrained while driving – for his safety and the safety of others.

Inspired by a dog run, the  Auto Zip Line™ allows back and forth plus sit and stand movement, but also provides security for those unexpected driving moments we’d rather not think about. A smooth running machine, this harness, leash and zip-line system make it super easy to get on the road with your pup. The leash easily connects and disconnects from the zip line when getting in or out of the car…which means instant transition from vehicle restraint to walking lead (yeah, we think of everything).

The Auto Zip Line is endlessly versatile and can be used between any two fixed points in a vehicle. Here is a happy and safe solution for everyone who agrees it’s more fun to make the trip together. 


  • Package includes zip-line and leash/teather (harness not included)
  • Works with all vehicle seatbelts
  • Zip-Line can be used between any two fixed points in the vehicle
  • More convenient to get the dog in and out of the car, harness is great for walking or riding
  • Dog cannot jump out of car when door is opened








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Kurgo Auto Zip Line Dog Harness (01:12)
http://www.surfpet.com/shop/kurgo-auto-zip-line-for-dogs/The Kurgo Auto Zip Line™ is the easiest and most convenient safety harness and restraint system for your dog. A nylon webbed line simply attaches between the two rear seatbelts or rear passenger side handles, creating a tether run.
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    http://www.surfpet.com/shop/kurgo-auto-zip-line-for-dogs/The K...
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Warranty Information

Kurgo's™ Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty. All of Kurgo products are guaranteed built for life. Kurgo and its employees strive to provide our customers with superior quality products and service. If, during its lifetime, your Kurgo product does not function as it should due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace your product free of charge. Hassle and worry free! Read more: http://www.kurgostore.com/kurgos-hassle-free-lifetime-warranty

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  1. Riding in Style

    Posted by Alan on 14th Aug 2014

    The Zip Line Leash Combo is just outstanding. Great material, great design, and it does just what it is advertised to do, and does it well ... The zip line is very adaptable and allows one to find, and use, strong and secure attachment points to anchor it. Well made and easy to use, it greatly expands the freedom of motion of dogs in SUV's. The Leash is designed to complement the Zip Line and fits it hand-in-glove. The many different carabiner attachment points on the leash allow one to tailor a range of length adjustments to ones circumstances, and Kurgo's carabiners are strong, and elegant, and add further versatility. This Combo works perfectly in conjunction with the TFSH-3055 harness, and the seat belt loop which comes with the harness can be fixed (via the loop) to a fixed Zip line, and its carabiner used to attach the leash. This gives both an additional length-adjustment range and an easy clip-on / clip-off point for the leash. Super! It works perfectly for us and our doggies, giving them maximal freedom to fit varying circumstances. Our dogs now ride in safety and style, and we do, too. Kurgo is a great "find".

  2. Great safety product

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Aug 2014

    Zip line fits great in my Subaru Forester. I have a service dog and worried if I had a collision he would either go through windshield or panic and escape if there was an emergency. Does not impede his movement and quick to unhook if need to remove.

  3. Great for car trips

    Posted by Unknown on 5th Aug 2014

    We use the auto zip line for long car trips and for local trips. We have two dogs, one huge, one mid-sized, and we connect both of them to one zip line. It works perfectly for us as it allows the dogs to sit or lay down and to move around in the back. It's easy to install and remove. We currently have a Ford Escape.

  4. Perfect for My Vehicle 2

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Jul 2014

    I bought the enhanced strength true-fit harness for my 8 month old puppy together with this Zipline system. It does a great job of restricting her access to the front but gives her freedom of movement for her comfort in the back. Being able to choose the length means it will work in any vehicle in the future. I also like that I can use the leash to get her from house to vehicle and back as well. Well thought out and designed.

  5. My dog AND I love this!

    Posted by Karla on 10th Jun 2014

    This is a well made and well thought out product that makes a ride more fun for doggie Casey and her front seat crew. She can sniff out each side window but is unable to interfere with safe driving. We are also able to use it in our motorhome to keep nosey away from the front driving area.

  6. Great, SAFE, Travel Solution for Dogs!

    Posted by Amee R. on 1st Apr 2014

    I have had my Kurgo Zip Line for several years now. I have driven many rescue dogs as well as my own rescues with it. It is great as it allows them to have control of their movement, while still limiting their range.
    It comes with a strap/hook combo, which I use. If anyone has any questions I would be happy to volunteer any of my experiences!

    Also, I regularly use this Zip Line with two (2) 40+ pound dogs. I would only recommend that configuration if the dogs are amicable!

  7. Outstanding Safety Product for 80 lb Dog.

    Posted by MomR on 5th Nov 2013

    Bought this product with high hopes and they were fulfilled. I bought two since we have two vehicles and didn't want to have to switch back and forth. Dog doesn't mind it, he can move around as needed and in case of an accident he will be protected and won't be able to run off.

  8. Good product, confusing description

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Oct 2013

    Ultimately this was what I wanted, but only part of what I needed. I assumed this product included the harness, but it did not. This product includes only the leash and line; you need to buy the harness separately. I just wish I had known that so I didn't have to pay shipping costs twice.

    Apart from that, this is a very good product and I believe my dog is now safe in the car. I can tell he's much more comfortable in the car now too - before his "seatbelt", he never used to lay down in the car and was always on edge. Now he falls asleep on the backseat so quickly!

  9. Safe Dog

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Oct 2013

    On a 3 day drive, it was so much more comfortable for me, my passenger AND the dog, allowing him to just get his 'front half' onto the armrest. AND safe because quick stops doesn't result in a 'flying dog' doing damage to himself!

  10. Awesome and safe car solution!

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jul 2013

    I too love this product! it has been a perfect harness for my two dogs. They have reign to roam freely but are safe while doing it! The product is high quality and looks great; I will say its a bit tricky to get on but thats only because of its high quality buckles. My only complaint is that i have two dogs and it looks like they don't offer the leash zip line individually...you have to buy the combo. Another reviewer had the same comment so it sounds like there might be several of us in a similar situation (two dogs and needing just the leash/teather, not the leash/zip line combo). Kurgo, can you help us out??

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