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Kitter and family (Erica, Georgia and Rocket)

Kitter SpaterOwner & Product Designer - kspater@kurgo.com

Favorite outdoor activities: Skiing, running, hiking

Favorite dog memories: At age 16, I went on a 7 week Canadian wilderness canoe trip with my first dog, Tumush; a 2 month old Rottweiler/Wolf mix. Note to self: don’t attempt to house break a puppy when you live in a tent and don’t have any showers or washing machines for 7 weeks. Regardless of the obvious it was a great trip.


Gordie and Irish lakeside

Gordie Spater - Owner & President of Sales - gspater@kurgo.com

Favorite outdoor activities: Running, canoeing and lots of skiing

Favorite dog memories: Hanging out with Zelda and my family on our favorite lake in Maine.


Jodie hangs with Pinto on a fine spring morning

Jodie Curtis – East Coast Sales Manager – jcurtis@kurgo.com

Favorite Outdoor Activities: This year I am learning to surf and having fun on the SUP board. Hiking and exploring the beaches and coastline of New England.   I spend a lot of time gardening and plan on riding my bike to work as often as possible this summer.

Favorite Dog Memories: I grew up on a farm, we always had dogs.  I remember Lady our a terrier mix who learned to open doors and was a dog version of the great Houdini.  Heidi was our sweet Collie/Shepard mix who was loving a faithful guardian to our large brood of kids. Fluffy was our little Circus dog who did great tricks and let us dress her in baby clothes and play house.  


Michelle and Guiness sharing a snack at our company BBQ

Michelle Gayowski - Graphic Designer - mgayowski@kurgo.com

Favorite outdoor activities: Hiking, walking trails, & impromptu pick-up games (kickball, dodgeball, badminton, broomball… you name it)

Favorite dog memories: When I was about 12 years old, I won $100 on a scratch ticket – just enough money to fund and convince my parents to adopt a chubby Lhasa Apso named Toby from a local shelter. Toby liked to eat, but only the finest things. He gobbled up chocolate birthday cake, my mom’s designer heels, and the all-leather shoelaces of various houseguests. Needless to say, post-Toby we’ve stuck with cats.


June and Casey braving the open waters

June Pinkham - Staff Accountant - jpinkham@kurgo.com

Favorite outdoor activities: Sailing, snorkeling, exploring shorelines for new picnic spots – pretty much anything water-related!

Favorite dog memories: Lots of memories as a youngster of diving and swimming with our dogs Jigsy and Sooty on Togus Pond in Maine.


Brett striking a pose with Baxter

Brett Tetley
- btetley@kurgo.com
Art Director

Man of few words..



Jo-Ann and her daughter enjoying some fresh air

Jo-Ann Bellavance - jbellavance@kurgo.com
Customer Service and Logistics - 

Favorite outdoor activities: Spending time with my daughter. Together we love going to the beach, camping and canoeing on the Saco River. 


Favorite dog memories: Oops, I'm a cat person.

Sandy and her newly adopted nephew Calvin

Sandra Lloyd - Returns and Logistics - slloyd@kurgo.com

Favorite outdoor activities: I love nature and being in it, hiking in the woods, swimming, or just being a beach bum!

Favorite dog memories: Hanging out as a kid with our dog Tiger. We used to have a raft on Tuttle's Pond, Tiger loved to swim, and when we jumped in so would he - he would swim around the entire pond! 


Lisa and office greeter Clover

 Lisa D'Angelo - Logistics and Operations Manager - ldangelo@kurgo.com 

 Favorite outdoor activities: My family is outside a lot, especially in the summer. We ride our bikes to the beach, and spend as much time on our boat as we can fishing, kneeboarding and just hanging out. Clover loves to swim at the beach, and is always really happy to dive in at the dock when we get back from a boat ride.

Favorite dog memories: I was a dog fanatic when I was a kid; it probably didn’t help that I wasn’t allowed to have one. I had a subscription to Dog Fancy Magazine when I was 12, which didn’t seems as strange then as it does now. I’ve been lucky as an adult to have had a series of wonderful dogs with long lives. Clover has a blast in the office playing with the other dogs, and is visibly proud when she prances in modeling one of Kitter’s new design. She is as exhausted after a day in the office as she is after a day at the beach! If we could only convince her that she’s not a lap dog.

Elizabeth getting ready to eat some stone oven pizza at Flatbread in Amesbury, MA

Elizabeth Foz
– Administrative Assistant – efoz@kurgo.com

Favorite outdoor activities: Walking and climbing along New England’s rocky coast

Favorite dog memories: We got Jack, a mystery mix we think was part flat-coated retriever, from a local shelter when I was a toddler. He was the fourth Fozlet, after my sister, my brother and me, and went everywhere with the family. Jack was a dog of many moods (from dignified to puppyish to sly) but one of my favorite ways to remember him was when he raced around the house with us, tearing apart old towels and generally acting crazy.


Amy enjoying a nice fall day in Amesbury, MA

Amy Casella - Product Design - acasella@kurgo.com

Favorite outdoor activities:  I like to ski, hike and do water sports...although I prefer to be lounging on the beach doing absolutely nothing

Favorite dog memories: I grew up with a Toy poodle named Muffy.  She loved to steal everyone socks and would then go to random spots in the house and bury them with her nose!  I now have a 3 yr old Scottish Fold kitty named Rosie, she loves to spend time on her back and sit Buddha style with her belly hanging out.



Chris hangs with Pinot and Grigio on a fine spring morning

Chris Smith – West Coast Sales Manager – csmith@kurgo.com

Favorite outdoor activities: I like to coach my daughters soccer teams and work in my backyard on the weekends.

Favorite dog memories: My female Bishon Frise used to pull me around the neighborhood while I was on my rollerblades. I was also able to watch her have a litter of puppies and the way she interacted with them was incredible.



profile-stage-jen1.jpgJennifer takes a break while hiking with Bailey

Jennifer Joyce – VP of Marketing – jjoyce@kurgo.com

Favorite outdoor activities: I love hiking, especially to mountain streams or lakes where Bailey can swim.

Favorite dog memories: Hiking a few years ago with Bailey in Vermont. We pulled ahead of the group and when we were at the top we both collapsed in the wildflowers and grass to enjoy the view of the Green Mountains.











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